Creative Team


Johno Verity is a well established film-maker and DOP with over 15 years of industry experience. Johno has worked across the board from shooting campaigns for high fashion brands, ski films for the BBC, and stop motion animations in his own studio. Not to mention the hundreds of short films he writes, creates and directs. 


Acclaimed visual effects supervisor Steve Begg created models and miniatures on groundbreaking iconic films such as Aliens and Batman. Born in Edinburgh, Steve is active in promoting UK filmmaking. He has also contributed to UK cinema through his work on the iconic James Bond franchise, including Casino Royale, Spectre and Skyfall, among many other VFX heavy projects filmed or completed in the UK. Steve was honoured with a BAFTA Scotland Craft Award for outstanding contribution to film or television in 2013. 


Kevin Pollard is a London-based composer/musician equally at home with scoring films as producing artists and creating sound design as well as music. Trained classically as a piano player, Kevin migrated into jazz through a course at the Guildhall once he completed his classical training, drawn to the fluidity of a medium that encouraged improvisation amongst structure, chaos within rules. 

He worked with the director Andrew Hume on ‘Love Tomorrow’ which won at Raindance and was nominated for a BIFA, as well as Andrew's debut feature, ‘Snow in Paradise’ which was included as part of the Official Selection at Cannes in 2014.  Kevin has scored on features as well as many award-winning Shorts, and commercials for many brands including Adidas, Microsoft and JLR, and recently with visionaries such as the photographer Rankin. 


Timo Säilä is known for his work on By Any Means (2017), Do not Feed the Pigeons (2017) and Return of the Don (2016). He was also the winner of the Berlin International Sound Design competition in 2018 for his work on the film Wrapped.  


Tamar Zaig graduated in Fine Art Sculpture at Maidstone College of Art. Her artistic background reflects in her work as she brings her talent to each project with flair, imagination, and a creative visual style. She started out creating costumes for the TV show Spitting Image. Since then she has gained years of experience  working on Films, Dramas and Adverts, working for many leading production companies such HLA, Patricia Murphy and FilmsMaverick Media.


Stuart Bray has created amazing Makeup fx for film and TV, including Saving Private Ryan, The Mummy 1 & 2, Shaun of the Dead and Stardust to name a few. He was the special makeup supervisor for Dr Who and Hex, as well as working on the prosthetics team for Games of thrones and the Dracula TV Series’. Stuart also teaches prosthetics and has a successful webcast about filmmaking and movie makeup called Battles with Rubber.