Themes & Visual Styles

We try to explore the invasion of personal boundary’s in a lonely post covid world of masks and social distancing, and how a predator might exploit that situation to lure its prey.

We tried to create two distinct looks by curating specific colours to each environment -
Cold hostile blues for the deserted urban streets where spindler first starts to stalk Amber.
Rich autumnal ambers and greens, for the rural cemetery locations to reflect the fact that this is a place where Amber feels safe and secure.


We used wide angle lenses to increase Ambers isolation in the empty environments. We also implemented wide angle lenses for the close ups of our antagonist, to slightly distort his image and create the uncomfortable impression that Spindlar is too close.

Spindlar’s POV’s always look down on Amber so as to reinforce that she seems to be vulnerable or powerless. Likewise Amber’s POV’s of Spindlar are always from a low angle so that he dominates the scene. This allowed us to invert this idea for the climax.